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Maggie Pelak

Lead Consultant

(727) 859-8527

My Story

My goal was to earn enough points to help buy my own consulting kit guys!!! My very first plug in I bought a “Season Greetings” plug in. I will treasure it till the end of time.... if it wasn’t for the little bright red & white snowflakes every time I glanced over at my kitchen sink area, that made me smile, I don’t know what I would have done! Yes how could something so insignificant mean so much to me? Well it did, it made my whole entire season, (which was tragic) into something that was more magical!! For just that glimmer of hope and yes sense of focusing on the positives in life, the Simple message “Seasons Greetings!!” forever change my life.

Back story:
I did some babysitting for a beautiful family a while back. When my assignment was completed I kept thinking about the opal colored glass diffuser called the “Enchant Diffuser!!” perched on the window seal by her sink... it was like a crackled glass and looked like a gazing ball, so brilliantly displayed for the world to see!! I used to use it so much for the child has Sever Autism I watched. I used the Lavender oil when I could see he was anxious to keep the child calm. It was so helpful and gave the calming value to the whole house that I loved so much, the diffuser I discovered had multi colored lighting that dissolved into the subsequent next color. I fell SOooo in love with this diffuser and her shade called, Enchant. BTW at the time, I didn't know it was from Scentsy though!!

Moving Forward:
So along with my goal of trying to get my Hostess starter kit, I also want or would love to start my very own small business!!

The point of my story is to say that; Scentsy has empowered me!! I have discovered through the company with its ethics in helping one another & supporting each other, that this is meant for me!!

I welcome you to join along and create your own positive vibes and to have a general purpose in your life. Meeting new friends, making a difference in the lives that you touch. You SAVE money on the items that you normally buy anyway!!!

Scent of the Month (SOTM) or Scent & Warmer of the Month (SOTM) club is on Auto 1, 2 or 3 month subscriptions. No sign up fees, cancel any time to pass to next months club with no penalties too!!!

I invite you to come on board as I will be your Sponsor. My team is in the TOP 100 sells in the country. It is easy as 1, 2, 3 in that all you have to do it hit the button that says, (((JOIN)))~n~your IN!!

Thankyou, I am looking forward in meeting you. Maggie P. Your Lead Scentsy Consultant xoxo

Affectionately yours,
Maggie Pelak

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